Sunday, February 19, 2006


Schism to be Unilaterally Ended?

An article Here suggests that Pope Benedict XVI is planning to end the SSPX schism in a clever way. SSPX denies they're in schism, the Holy See has declared that they are. The Holy See wants to reverse this position, reinstate the excommunicated bishops, establish an apostolic administration to provide jurisdiction to SSPX, open the indult to all priests, and authorize Catholics to attend SSPX chapels. If this were to occur there is essentially no more schism, unless individuals within SSPX create a new, more definitive one, probably sedevacantist. As long as the Pope exercises his authority judiciously, which clearly he would, then there is no exuse for disobedience and the schism would be over.

I think this would have tremendously positive effect on the rest of the Church as it would pressure the liberal bishops into giving up large portions of their flock, or being more orthodox and respectful to the traditional mass.

What about the anti-Semitism that is rampant in many SSPX Parishes?
What about it? What about the contraception, and pro-abortion beliefs rampant within the non-SSPX parishes?

They all need reform of their bad ways...
What about the lavendar mafia in the Democratic party?
they need to be thrown into the sea of fire with a millstone around their necks.
Love your blog. Can you tell me who/when from the Vatican said SSPX is in schism? (It's a legit question, I'm not trying to start an argument.) I read comments by at least two members of the Curia who said they are not in schism. (I know the media likes to play up that word a lot - any divisiveness in the Church makes them happy.) And for the record, I've never been to one of their services and probably never would unless it was the only way to make my Sunday obligation. Thanks.
Thanks! Spread the word

The Curia is being very diplomatic and trying to work on "regularizing".

Here is the motu propio from Ecclessia Dei. It's a good summary of the canonical situation.
I pray for the union, but ultramontans are very far from the Church.
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