Monday, February 20, 2006


What we have Lost

This is an interesting video about the what we have lost, it's worth watching.

I don't agree with their assessment about much of the reason abuses occurred, but they point out some terrible abuses that we all need to be reminded of.

There is no easily defined distinction between "traditional and modernist" Catholics as is their assertion. There is many different categories, those on the left and right who are in material if not formal schism and/or heresy, those in the center who maintain orthodoxy which includes obedience to the hierarchy of the Church.

I also submit that these abuses do not come from the official instructions of any of the popes or congregations of the Holy See. Virtually all of their judgements are against things which violate the guidelines set forth by Vatican II or subsequent Papal declarations.

I am particularly saddened by the destruction of our sacred spaces and the mass.

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