Thursday, March 09, 2006


Church of Freedom and License

I just came up with an interesting idea.

Cardinal Archbishop Mahony of Los Angelus is hosting a gathering of
heretical and apostate speakers next month, earlier this month, a group of
55 congressmen signed a heretical declaration, 19 French-Canadian priests
have declared that it's good to be a gay priest, in Orange, Ca a Bishop and
pastor have "invited" traditional and faithful Catholics to leave the
diocese if they don't fall into line and start recieving communion

Why don't all these folks just go off and start their own church? I would
nominate Abp. Mahony to be the first pope of the new "Church of Freedom
and License". They can have the LA Cathedral, and most of the other
churches around the country built in the modern style of atheistic and
secular humanism. They can ordain, and marry whomever they please. They
could replace the sacraments of penance and extreme unction with Reiki, and
Yoga to their hearts content. They can have liturgical dancers, gay
choirs, and clown masses weekly.

One condition is that they only use leavened bread (or alternatively
cookies) and grape juice, so as to avoid desecration of the Real Presence
(this shouldn't be a problem since they really don't believe in it anyway).
And, they must not refer to themselves as "Catholic".

It's "Mahony" (no "e").

What "heretical and apostate speakers" will he be having? Link?

Ah. Here's what you're talking about, the Religious Ed Congress. Speaker list.

Check out LA Catholic, Quintero over there is on top of his game once again!

God bless.
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