Friday, March 17, 2006


The Liberal Baby Bust

It seems that demographers have started finding out that we are destined
for a return to traditional values in the West. The "progressives" are
contracepting, aborting, and homosexualizing themselves into oblivion.
Those with strong moral values are having far more children, and thus
making their beliefs far more likely to be carried into future generations.
While not all these children will carry on their parents moral values,
those that don't will find a world with far fewer potential mates who share
their values.

"In the USA, the 17.4% of baby boomer women who had one child account for a
mere 9.2% of kids produced by their generation. But among children of the
baby boom, nearly a quarter descend from the mere 10% of baby boomer women
who had four or more kids.

This dynamic helps explain the gradual drift of American culture toward
religious fundamentalism and social conservatism. Among states that voted
for President Bush in 2004, the average fertility rate is more than 11%
higher than the rate of states for Sen. John Kerry. "

"Tomorrow's children, therefore, unlike members of the postwar baby boom
generation, will be for the most part descendants of a comparatively narrow
and culturally conservative segment of society. To be sure, some members of
the rising generation may reject their parents' values, as often happens.
But when they look for fellow secularists with whom to make common cause,
they will find that most of their would-be fellow travelers were quite
literally never born.

Many will celebrate these developments. Others will view them as the death
of the Enlightenment. Either way, they will find themselves living through
another great cycle of history."

Link to the full article from USA Today on Yahoo

It's just such an inconvenience to have children, even one! I mean, gas is expensive already for my Hummer. How am I going to pay for my summer home in Florida???

You've got to be kidding me!!

You conservatives are a bunch of environmental anti-Christs!

What about the trees! What about the poor people living in India, Africa, and Detroit?

There are too many mouths to feed and you want more children.

You Christians make me sick.
I'm sorry you don't understand Christ. Surely if you did, you wouldn't misuse the term "anti-Christ".

Your perception is distorted by the very "progressives" that are slowly dying out. You see, overpopulation is a myth, the earth is capable of feeding many more times the current world population. Population growth has very little to do with damaging trees, or poverty. Poverty and starvation in Africa related to atheistic dictators and war not by overpopulation.

When a society stops having children, the few children who are born will get crushed by the cost of supporting the aged... this will be a huge problem for your child if you even have one... if you don't the responsibility will fall on someone elses children... pray they have a more than just a couple.
Thank God for procreation. I am hoping that this trend will spread throughout the world, especially in Western Europe where the population has decreased in recent years.

As for the "anonymous" blogger, Children are a blessing not a curse. God always provides a means to support them. They are our gift to glorify Him. Sadly too many people have fallen away from what life is..I'm sorry that you didn't know that you were a gift to your family as well.

It's sad that people will fight for causes such as the protection of animals and the right to smoke pot, but will not fight for the sanctity of life. It is imperative that we stand up and protect our families and most of all the sanctity of life. We were commanded to go forth and multiply and there is no greater joy on earth than to live our lives for the Glory of God and passing it on to our children. May the Blessed Mother continue to pray for us and may the love of Christ consume all of our hearts.
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