Monday, April 03, 2006


Pope Supports 2-Day Fast for Iraq

Pope Supports 2-Day Fast for Iraq

VATICAN CITY, APRIL 2, 2006 ( Benedict XVI encouraged believers
worldwide to fast and pray Monday and Tuesday for peace in Iraq and the

After reciting the midday Angelus today from the window of his study, the
Pope echoed the initiative announced in a message signed by Chaldean
Patriarch Emmanuel III Delly of Babylon and Iraqi bishops.

"We are estranged from God with our deeds," wrote the patriarch in his
message, "we do not fulfill his will, and we have abandoned piety, virtue
and forgiveness and, because of this, the blood of so many brothers has
been shed and so many children have been left orphans.

"We must return, repentant, to the house of the Father to do the will of
our sovereign God; to attain this sublime objective, we invite all Iraqis,
in and outside of Iraq, and all believers and men of good will, to prayer
and fasting on next Monday the 3rd and Tuesday the 4th, so that the Lord
will restore peace, tranquility and security to Iraq, country of beloved

Benedict XVI invited "all to join this initiative of our brothers of that
tormented country, commending this intention to the intercession of Mary
Most Holy, Queen of Peace."

This was not brought to my attention until Wednesday after the fast was over. I am dissapointed that these types of things don't filter into the parishes. It was the same for Pope John Paul's statement that the Iraq war was "a defeat for humanity". A group of us had already planned a vigil and prayer service for that Tuesday night so I guess we participated to some extent even if it was unkowingly.
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